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Individual Taxes – Our years of tax preparation experience is behind every return that we complete. We get it done right the first time (or we fix it for free if it’s our fault). Then we take the time to understand your needs and help you make wise tax decisions for the coming year so you can retain more of your earnings. Our free, easy to use tax organizer provides you with a tool to keep us abreast of your current situation, so we can prepare the best return for you and give you great value for your investment with us. You will appreciate our honest, friendly and professional process to accomplish this important annual task.

C Corporation – We work with our C corporation clients to help them minimize the possibility of double taxation and understand the employee benefits available to them. The potential cost of double taxation, as opposed to the possible tax free medical benefits and lower marginal rates associated with regular C corporations, require proper planning and execution. Also, if you are not a C corporation we will analyze your present form of business to see if a C corporation is best for you. Expert preparation, strong communication and comprehensive planning by our experienced partners are what allow our clients to get the most out of this form of business.

S Corporation – Limited Liability Company (LLC), Partnership, and Sole Proprietorship – These forms of business impact your personal tax situation and require professional analysis and preparation on the business return. Let us work with you to minimize your taxes and maximize the benefits these forms of business offer. We recommend tax planning in the fourth quarter and early preparation after year end to give you the most information and the best advantage in complying with these complicated tax laws. All key issues are carefully researched and reviewed to insure accuracy and the best result for you as far as the law allows.

Estate and Trust Tax Preparation – Whether it is the Form 1041-U. S. Income Tax Return for Estates and Trusts or the Form 706-U. S. Estate Tax Return we can help you through this complicated and confusing tax compliance maze. Although we leave it to the attorneys to write the trusts and estate plans, we are well qualified to prepare the returns that give our clients the lowest taxes and the best value in preparing these returns. Our years of tax experience, excellent research tools and resources and our patient understanding throughout this difficult process, have earned us high praise from clients who have trusted us in this area. As tax accountants with a broad range of experience we are best able to prepare these unusual returns and advise our clients of the impact on their personal and business tax situations.

IRS Representation – We are licensed to represent our clients before the IRS. If you are under audit, involved in the collection process or just have a tax notice you need help with, we are able to represent you. We will write letters, help you fill out forms, or meet with the IRS face to face to help you professionally handle these interactions. Resources such as the Practitioner Priority Service help us get answers that the taxpayer has difficulty obtaining. Also, our years of experience in dealing with the IRS allows us to advise you of your options and the possible outcomes.

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