Financial Statements

Financial Statement Reviews – Financial Statement Reviews provide a mid-level assurance service which can only be performed by CPA firms. A Review consists primarily of inquiries and analytical procedures to provide support for the assertion that the financial statements appear accurate. It is a higher level of service than a Compilation which is described below. Certified Audits provide greater assurance than a Review as there are third party verifications and internal controls are taken into account.

Compilation of Financial Statements – If you need a financial statement prepared by an accountant, we can help. Compiled financial statements are when we take your trial balance or financial statements and perform some basic procedures, and put them in the proper financial statement format along with our report. When required, we will help generate the financial information or make adjustments to your records in order to get them ready for the compilation. Compilations can either be issued with disclosures or without depending upon what you and your lenders want. If we prepare your business taxes a non-disclosure compilation can usually be prepared at minimal cost.

Monthly Bookkeeping – In order to make sound business decisions you need to be assured of the integrity of your business’ bookkeeping system.  McGregor-Caverhill, CPA offers monthly and quarterly bookkeeping services that keep your business accounts accurate, secure and running smoothly.  Please feel free to contact us to discuss an option that works for you.

Payroll - Payroll is a continually changing and time sensitive part of your accounting system that must have high importance. McGregor-Caverhill, CPA provides payroll processing based on your business’ individual needs, relieving you of the time and precise recordkeeping it requires. If you process your payroll manually or through QuickBooks, we can prepare your payroll tax returns, W-2s and 1099s for you. Alternatively, we can teach you how to accomplish this yourself.

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